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09 November 2019
Transfer box LT230 Land Rover  Discovery 1 ,Defender

Transfer Box LT230 Land Rover Discovery 1, Defender - Frequently Asked Questions

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I am not sure if the diff lock is working correctly, how do I check it ?

To check diff lock adjustment:Put the handbrake on,Put the mainbox in neutral and the transfer case in high,Jack up one front wheel,When out of diff lock you should be able to spin the front wheel that is up in the air.When in diff lock, the wheel should not spin,


I have checked the diff lock and it in not locking/unlocking when it should be, what can I check next ?

Usually this is due to either incorrect adjustment or wear in the linkage causing a reduced movement, take a look at the small lever on the diff lock stud on the top of the front housing of the transfer case, when out of diff lock this lever should point straight ahead, when in diff lock this lever should be rotated clockwise and detent to the 2 o'clock position. Adjust the pivot bolt on the vertical linkage to get the throw correct. If it is in the 2 o'clock position and the diff will still not lock then try backing out the diff lock light switch, sometimes the switch plunger can stop the selector fork from sliding which stops it locking.


I have checked the adjustment but it won't come out of diff lock. Why?

This is often reported after recent off roading, the centre diff is there to allow the props to turn at different speeds when cornering to stop drivetrain wind up, the speed difference is quite small and the centre diff gears are only designed to cope with these low speeds. If you are off road on snow or ice and you get wheelspin from one front wheel, what will happen is the rear prop will not be moving, the front will thus be going double speed, this means the small centre diff gears will be spinning like fury and after a matter of only a few seconds the plant gears will friction weld to the cross pins and the gears will fail etc, the result of this is that the diff will then behave as if it is locked as it in jammed with gear debris. The can happen if the driver forgets to lock the centre diff on a low traction surface or due to incorrect linkage adjustment, Please note this failure is not covered under warranty as we deem this driver error, the diff will never fail for any other reason other than excessive spinning, in which case the diff should have been locked by the driver.


What is a PTO ? 

A PTO or Power Take Off is a device than can be fitted to the LT230 transfer case and be used to drive an auxilary system such as a hydraulic pump or winch, its fitted behind the input gear at the top of the transfer case and is driven by the dog teeth at the rear of the input gear


What oil should I use in my LT230 ?

Use a GL4 or GL5, either mineral EP80/90 or synthetic EP75W90


I have just fitted a new cross drilled input gear to my LT230 and it whines, is this normal?

Some "pattern" gears are not "crowned" during manufacture and will whine because of the edge contact this creates


The difflock on my LT230 does not engage even though the selector rod moves to the right position. Why?

Sometimes the difflock indicator switch sticks and this prevents the difflock selector mechanism moving across. Back off the switch one turn and try difflock again.


I have just fitted a rebuilt LT230 transfer box and it is locked solid, i.e. I cannot turn it, why?

Check that the bolts you used to bolt the transfer box to the main box are in the correct positions. It is possible to fit a "longer" bolt in a position which will jam the intermediate gear and prevent it rotating. There are three bolts down each side attaching the transfer box to the main box and it is the middle of the three on the right hand side that causes the problem. On earlier transfer boxes a "stud" was fitted in this position to reduce the possibility of error. Sometimes the stud is omitted on later boxes or rebuilds.


I want to change the input gear on my LT230 for a later cross drilled type, can I do this in situ or do I have to take the transfer box out?

This is only available on a suffix C or later (last number of transfer case), it cannot be changed on Suffix A or B transfer boxes. On a 1.667 or a 1.410 removal of the gear is simple, it just slides out; on a 1.222 it in necessary to rotate the intermediate gear to a position where the teeth on the middle and rear gears are in line and allow the input gear to slide through. It is not possible to change a 1.003 in situ.


My vehicle will only drive when I put the LT230 transfer case into difflock, what is the problem ?

This is likely to be an axle problem ie a broken halfshaft etc, to work out which axle it is, take it out of difflock, start the engine and try to drive, with the clutch up ask someone to look under the car and see which prop is spinning, if the rear is spinning then the problem is in the rear axle, visa versa.


I have just tried to fit my new LT230 transfer box to my manual gearbox and it will not fit on.  Why would this be?

The likely reason is that you have dowels both in your gearbox, left behind from your old transfer box and also in your new transfer box .  This means the dowels are hitting each other and stopping the two faces fitting together properly.    Remove transfer box and check you should have one of each dowel, ie one hollow at the top and one stepped at the bottom.

Remove the dowels left in your gearbox to correct this problem.


I am trying to fit a LT230 Disco transfer box to my gearbox and it will not fit on.  Why?

Firstly check to make sure that you do not have too many dowels in position (see FAQ above).

If this is not the case then it is likely that the input gear and the mainshaft are not sitting in the right position for you to slide the transfer box on and you will need to rotate the input gear until the splines line up so you can slide it on fully.   First check you are in high or low and not in neutral, then put it in diff lock, if you have a Disco 2 LT230 with no diff lock then you will have to turn both flanges together, if you do have diff lock and its now locked then you only have to turn one flange to make the input gear rotate. If the diff is unlocked and you turn one flange, this will just rotate the other flange and will not rotate the input gear


How can I tell the ratio of my transfer case when its out of the vehicle ?

Pls follow the steps below:-

  •  Put the transfer box in difflock
  •  Put the transfer box in high range
  •  Put a piece of cardboard in the input gear hole
  •  Put a marker in the 12 oclock position on one of the output flanges
  •  Count how many times you need to turn the output flange to make the input gear turn once.
  •  Result :-

              Just over 1.5 times  =  1.6 ratio

              Just under 1.5times = 1.410 ratio

              Just under 1.25 times = 1.2 ratio

              Approx 1 = 1.003 ratio   

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